Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Khumbi - Recipe Blog

Khumbi was just a little green dab of clay? Turns out, Khumbi grew up to be a lot more. Mushrooms in India or just indian food? Khumbi is a self growing Fungus, wildly grows during the rainy season. There are several varieties of this plant, but for the eating purpose only Agaricus Campesteris is being used, while other varieties like Psalliota Campesteris should not be eaten as food, as most all species of this plant are toxic in nature.

Scientist say that Khumbi itself contains 90% Water, 30% Protein, 5% Carbohydrate and 1% Mineral & Vitamin. The active principle of Khumbi is Agaric Fungi Acid. It contains less Sodium and more potassium, hence, can be used by the Hypertensive safely.

The water extracted from Khumbi is itself a drug, it should be used in the same form. It should not be mixed with other drugs.

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